We only find human chaos in what we hear, and what we watch through the media these days. Strife, struggle and slaughter, all this because the present-day world sinks to the ground under the burden of the paganism of overwhelming passions, egoism controls the destinies of humans, darkness

spreads its veils to take the world back into the old days, the present-day world distorted the concept of humanity.

The humanness of man is of no consequence for him; man’s creative power has become a hostage in the hands of individualistic egocentrism.

We do not know whether those who are mobilizing their armies to kill in the name of peace are peace-lovers, we do not know whether the likes of these know what is man and what is humanness so that they know what are human rights and values and why man has become a man in the book of creation.

We cannot understand how could the American Administration talk about and promote human rights while it is transgressing all ethical principles. We cannot understand how could the American people accept that, how could they accept the leadership of those who boastfully voice empty words used to massacre nations, to slaughter children and elderly people, and violate human rights.

Palestine, the land that witnessed the birth of Christ is still humiliated, its people are expelled from their homes and chased away, and their homes are demolished in the name of peace to please the wicked sinners and their supporters.

Iraq, the land whose people have suffered all sorts of afflictions, from the killing of civilians, to the burning of service facilities, the land whose people were wronged in unheard of ways, in the name of peace.

They deceived the world and are still lying in order to justify their aggression; they blockaded the Iraqi people and went even further to gather the remainder of their bombs and lethal weaponry to reward this people, the Iraqi people because it acquitted itself and complied with the Security Council resolutions; and they continue their blockade, they want to annihilate this people without any pang of conscience, persisting in their misguidedness to justify their defense of a malicious Zionism that wants to strip its environment of all means of defense so that it enjoys a freer hand in its crimes and conspiracy against the world.

We ask?…Where is justice, where is peace, where is the freedom of nations?

Does peace consist in watching the Iraqis suffer what no other nations ever suffered by way of famine, blockade, calumnies, and conspiracies on the hands of an oppressive tyrant talking about peace?

Does peace consist in watching a butcher with a knife in his hand dripping with the blood of Palestinians whose homes were demolished, and to applaud the usurper in Bethlehem and Jerusalem while he walks bragging about his force and conspiracy and wickedness?

We do not know such a peace and such a freedom.

We know that when Christ was told that the people were hungry he multiplied the bread and the fish so that they may eat and feel full and satisfied. And that when they brought him an ailing or paralytic person he would rush to give him rapid healing wiping his suffering with a hand of mercy and loving kindness.

Here, out of love we raise our voice in the ears of peoples and rulers. Let us listen to the voice of the virtuous and good in all the parts of the world: the world won’t be set aright if man remains a prey to the insatiable beast, the world won’t be set aright as long as its freedom, thought, and mind are subjugated to enslaving selfishness, there will be no peace in the world as long as warships and fleets cruise the seas and oceans looking for a prey.

Let us raise our voice because the intentions of those who are gathering up their armies and weapons, the Americans and the British, are not benign, theirs are malign intentions that do not aim at peace in our lands and countries only, but strive to give peace to Israel who squeezes the blood of the world, the peace of scheming Zionism, the peace of money magnates and warmongers who bar three quarters of humanity from access to medicines, science and progress in order to preserve their privileges and superiority.

Let us raise our voice to reject such a peace, and refrain from promoting it, let us raise our voice that we want the peace that realizes God’s Will and the Will of the Son of man, the peace that defends man’s humanness and dignity against his oppressors.

This voice will inevitably be heard no matter how long the night might last, and darkness will inevitably be dispelled no matter how intense.

Let us raise our hands to the Creator with pure hearts and ask Him to assuage the ordeal of our people in Iraq and Palestine, in Jerusalem, and in our entire nation and accede to our supplication in our distress, and open the eyes of those who turned their back on truth and stabbed His Chart, and strayed from His path.

Let us then fight and defend against evil. The people who put God in their hearts, and their right before their eyes won’t be defeated.

Ignatius IV Hazim & Ignatius Zakka I Iwas