Dear graduates and students of the Suryoye people,

We are happy to invite you to the 4th symposium “Suryoye l-Suryoye”, a multidisciplinary conference in Stockholm, Sweden, from October 3–5, 2008, pursuing questions around linguistic, religious, and historical perspectives, among others, on Suryoyo culture.

The conference is arranged by Fundatio Nisibenensis – Gesellschaft zur Förderung Aramäischer Studien in cooperation with the Department of Oriental Studies of Friedrich- Alexander University, Erlangen.

This year, as a part of the 4th Symposium “Suryoye l-Suryoye” the Helga-Anschütz-Award will be granted for the first time. (see description below.)

The Symposium is taking place from October 3rd – 5th 2008 in Hageberg Erik Dahlbergsväg 60 Södertälje near Stockholm/ Sweden

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